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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

MN GOP: Shameful But Not Surprising

While cutting taxes for big corporations and trying to impose government ID's on Minnesota's voters (wonder who's paying for that?), the GOP has been too busy to answer question regarding their own offered up slash and burn budget for partially balancing Minnesota's state budget; Wonder why that is?

Senator Ted Daley ran on "I will bring greater understanding of how to properly balance our budget ..." It would be nice (some say even expected by his elected position) if he shared some of that 'understanding' with other Minnesotans...sigh... Here's an example of how that greater understanding, accountability and transparent government is working for the GOP:

They won't even answer questions about their own budget...shameful but not surprising.

Sen. Ted Daley (MN-R-38) facebook page said he" Toured the Delta Airlines facility yesterday to learn more about how we can attract, retain and grow jobs here in Minnesota "...wonder when he's going to tour the Lockheed Martin campus in his own district and discuss the 1000+ jobs going away!

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Minnesota Central said...

The West Central Tribune editorial on Voter ID is getting picked up by quite a few newspapers ... why ... because it's spends money we don't have.

This at a time when the state’s prosecution and justice system are being reduced. Minnesota courts are almost totally funded by appropriations from the Legislature, with money collected in fines and fees sent back to the state or local governments. In recent years, the state has already cut funding to the courts to cover deficits, even though the court system only accounts for two percent of the state budget. According to a recent article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, since 2008, the Legislature and the governor’s office have cut the money appropriated to the courts by 4.4 percent, or $19 million. The cuts have led to understaffed courts and long delays in trials.
Delays in the justice system impacts businesses and families.
Let's say you are suing someone for malpractice or from injuries in an accident ... the longer the delay, the more likely that that the plaintiff will conceed.

Simply stated … this is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars.