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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday's Truths

Quote of Note: A country that can't keep its bridges from collapsing is not going to be running the world very much longer.- Rick Perlstein

Passing Basic Social Studies
If Norm Coleman isn’t sloppy then he’s either stupid or arrogantly thinks he's above the law. Which leave me wondering, after being elected to office shouldn’t Norm know what our constitution says? He can’t be that stupid can he?…or has Norm decided to ‘rewrite’ the laws to suit him just like Bu$h?

Look- It's Twins!
The ‘Time’s’ whitehouse blog shows a great picture of Karl Rove and Josh Bolton helping to advise the President on his recent visit to Minnesota's collapsed I-35W bridge. And now we’re a little closer to knowing why it was more important to fund a Twins ballpark over a falling down bridge!

Now this is special

….it’s election day in 28B....Joe at MCR is saying that although the seat has been held since the dawn of time by the republicans that ‘the DFL has made significant inroads in rural areas of Minnesota’. While I don’t disagree, I also think that the Republican’s promises have fallen through and for many it’s more a case of what they don’t want verses what they want.

Pretty words like ‘no taxes’ just don’t square with the safety of their families crossing bridges that fall down…at least not any more. Also DFLer Linda Pfeilsticker is a great candidate with wonderful qualities. Her positive and fresh attitude has to factor into the race. I think we might see a change is course with rural Minnesotans.

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