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Friday, August 03, 2007

Pawlenty Left Holding the Bridge

I could tell you how there’s a chronic history of deteroriating infrastruction in Minnesota since this group of ‘no new tax’ republicans under Governor Tim Palenty have taken office. How they put more emphasis on the ‘here and now’ few then the future of all Minnesotans. How our infrastructure has been crumpling and they were warned...but…Kathlyn Stone does such a nice of job of it, I thought you should read what she writes.

"In a brazen CYA move last night, Gov. Pawlenty (Bush Republican) said 2005 and 2006 bridge studies indicated there were "no structural deficits" in the I-35 bridge.
But today the president's spokesperson said the report actually said there were structural deficits.

A 2005 federal inspection rated the bridge 50 on a scale of 120 for structural stability, and the Bush administration said it was up to state officials to take corrective action."

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Anonymous said...

Pawlenty may be a Republican, but he's on a vastly different level than Bush and can hardly be lumped into the same category.