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Thursday, August 02, 2007


A day after the horrific bridge collapse in Minnesota, officials are saying that they are now in a "recovery operation," not a "rescue operation." Another official says for now, the site is considered a "crime scene" since they to not know the cause of the collapse.

The use of the words ‘crime scene’ may potent future events. This catastrophe of historic proportions for Minnesotans highlights what our elected officials determine is important. Investigators looking into the cause of the Interstate Hwy. 35W bridge collapse are likely to focus on two primary causes -- vibration and fatigue cracking, the former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board said in an interview early this morning.
But what role. if any, did lack of funding and political pressure have in this bridge collapsing? We know that for two years in a row Governor Tim Pawlenty has vetoed a comprehensive transportation bill (but hey we have a stadium!). We also are aware that over the last several sessions, money has been slowly siphoned away from MNDOT (must keep those taxes low!) Also keep in mind…the money used to fund constant wars could have been used on the chronic neglected infrastructure of the United States!

Others are also stating what they see as political issues regarding the collapse of the bridge. Blogs of note: Inside Minnesota Politics, Mercury Rising, Across the Great Divide

Pictures of note: Centrisity

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