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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

FOX News Framing Franken?

Fox news is trying to effect political changes by re-writing history through the editing of Wikipedia. Seems Fox News isn't comfortable just reporting the news, they want to make the news; this time by interfering in Minnesota politics. The tech blog O’Reilly discovered: someone at a Fox News IP modified the entry for Al Franken to delete a quote from Franken that the 2003 lawsuit against the Minnesotan by the news outlet was "literally laughed out of court" and that the judge's ruling that the suit was "wholly without merit" was "a good characterization of Fox News itself."

This is just the sort of media interference and rewrites we've seen the in past from Fox News. While this one is trying to paint themselves white, don’t forget the GOP used them to falsely paint a war veteran and hero as a weak flip/flopper while their AWOL Bu$h wasn’t reported on at all.
What does Fox News stands to gain by eliminating and cleansing comments made by U.S. Senate Democratic candidate Al Franken and others? This goes beyond reporting and being 'Fair and Balanced' and is certainly against their latest logo 'We Report. You Decide'. Apparently 'They Decide, then you get to , then they report but only what they want to'....I can't say I'm surprised. Might I suggest Fox News try a new logo more in keeping with what they really do like 'Fox News = egregiously unfair and unbalanced...'
Hat tip to Eyeteeth.

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