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Friday, August 17, 2007

One More Nail

Another reason to elect a Democratic Prez: so that the pretender can be brought to justice.

I can't tell you how many times growing up my mom told me that not writing legible will come back to bite me...I guess the times have changed:
DoJ released new documents today to the House Judiciary Committee. The hand written notes indicate the White House and President were fully aware of the Gonzalez decision, and approved the retaliation against the US Attorneys.7 of 76
Goodling's hand written notes indicate that "WH [White House] cleared".

It would be hard to make a believable case that the "White House clearing" something does not include the President who supposedly is "the decider"...I'm just saying...


Missy said...


Thought you might enjoy this. Maybe you have already??

Anonymous said...

Your mom probably meant to say, "...not writing legibly will come back to bite (you)..." Failure to speak or write in proper English could also come back to bite you.

truthsurfer said...

lol- so true...best friend is an classics major...with minor in english...she points out my flaws with the language all the time...howver i'm not without excuses:
1. grew up overseas...english wasn't my first language
2. i'm language lazy
3. it's my style

and yeah, i'd flunk puncuation also!

truthsurfer said...

Hey missy...looks like ms.sparkle may be suffering from OC given her fixation on women but i do like the pink theme.