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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday's Random Waxings

What do you get when you question the former head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division during an investigation into allegations of voter discriminations against American Indians in Minnesota?
  1. Poor recollections, lies, and finger pointing
  2. former MN Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer
  3. Tom Heffelfinger on a master list of prosecutors to be considered for dismissal
  4. All of the above

Stay tuned folks, this will get even uglier as the complete story unravels unfolds and the coverup lies truth comes out.

How does Senator Norm Coleman know that the French aren’t as brave as us and why is he always putting them down?

Minnesota is above average! But that’s not always good.

A womanizer, sexual predator and cheat, a quintessential good soldier who mislead the world and failed America, and a right wing pathological liar and media hack….Are you feeling motivated yet? Shouldn't half of these presenters be in jail?

It’s nesting time for turtles, so please drive carefully.

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