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Friday, June 22, 2007

Pawlenty of Ambition

Gov. Pawlenty is using his time stomping for republican presidential candidate John McCain rather than working on resolving issues resulting from his vetoes…What's more important his national ambitions or Minnesotans? Which one was he barely elected to office to fulfil?

Gov. Pawlenty said he was ‘disappointed’ that Health Commissioner Dianne Mandernach concealed data on nearly three dozen cancer cases among Iron Range miners. His office took several weeks before disclosing the information….again highlighting Pawlenty’s commitment to his political appointees over Minnesotan…

Gov. Pawlenty’s office is pushing Luke Hellier for the position of trustee on a board representing 4 year public college students….unfortunately, Luke goes to private school, didn’t go through the vetting process by peers, and has an ideological program that would indicate he’s not suitable for being anything other than Pawlenty’s pet parrot…again…Pawlenty is favoring abusing the system for his own political gain over Minnesotans…I’m sensing a pattern here!

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