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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pawlenty of Potholes

Minnesota has Pawlenty of Potholes. Since the Governor has vetoed (sigh) most all bills, don’t expect improvement. I see where the GOP tout Timmy's holding the line on taxes and therefore we (Minnesotans) have fallen out of the top tax bracket..oh goody! Now Minnesota is just...average: "when taxes and spending are measured as a percentage of personal income, Minnesota has fallen to 23rd in taxes and 31st in state and local government spending". Once we hit bottom, then will Pawlenty work for the financial well being of this state instead of scoring partisan points with Republicans?

Don’t you feel better with more potholes, traffic congestion, declining graduates, thousands of children with no health insurance and increased poverty…but hey…we kept taxes down…sort of…okay property taxes don’t count…

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