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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where's the JOBS!

Can we just create some jobs? Apparently not! So instead let's deal with issues that don't balance the budget, remove the deficit, correct wrongs, or create jobs...yep that's what we're doing... taking steps back into caveman times...

Voter IDs...This will cost the State of Minnesota millions to enact, cost citizens to get necessary paperwork,disenfranchise voters, resolves nothing (virtual no fraud and wouldn't eliminate the very little fraud that does exist)...

Marriage Amendment....This won't bring in additional revenue, doesn't create jobs, may affect the business community in a negative way (sales), and is just morally wrong to take away civil rights.

Come on people, the Minnesota budget needs to be in and finalized within 4 WEEKS! Don't you have more important things to do besides waste time, resources, and money that the State doesn't have on NON-issues that don't create jobs? Where's the jobs!

One More Time...WHERE'S THE JOBS!

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Minnesota Central said...

Don't you think this is part of the MN-GOP Jobs Strategy ... distinguish Minnesota from other states. Iowa job builders will rush to Minnesota to escape the Iowa Supreme Court that allowed gay marriage ... while the Wisconsin job producers will move thier businesses to Minnesota after all the recalls of the WI-Senate legislators with their lax Voter ID laws.