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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Will Be Serving It Up Tonight

State of the Union drinking games were so much more fun when Bush was in office. It offered a practical way to take the edge off a very sad chapter in America's history. I still can't hear 'evil-doers' or 'terrorists' without wanting to take a shot (as in drink not at him!). Well my love affair with Obama (one-sided from the start as I admit to supporting Hillary) has now brought me to the SOTU(State of the Union) 2010 drinking game. Alex Leo at HuffPo lists a few really good suggestions like a shot every time Obama mentions 'let be be clear', 'change isn't easy', or 'jobs'...naturally if he mentions health care you don't drink (who could afford a new liver?!)

Feel free in joining me tonight while I listen to the SOTU on my big ass screen TV while mixing from the fully stock bar...Who would have dreamed a year ago we'd still be playing political games? Sadly, most of us.

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