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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bachmann Will Be At Teabaggers Convention In Spirit!

Minnesota's Rep. Michele Bachmann (CD5) has bailed on the Tea Baggers Convention citing it's unclear how the money raised will be spent to lie and smear Democrats and therefore ethic rules might be violated (or something like that..) Fortunately Palin doesn't have to rely on the same attorney for her ethics and still plans to speak to the gathering of white-winged nuts.

So Bachmann is not speaking but a true believer would at least attend, wouldn't she? Guess not! In a formal statement, Bachmann's office made clear that her decision doesn't mean she's turning her back on her Tea Party supporters...(probably just being more prudent and spending the time washing her KKK whites and sewing new hoods for the rest of her clansman.)

...Just heard that accordion-master Joel Guzman will be performing with the Prairie Home Companion folks on January 30 in Tucson, AZ. In case you forget who this guy is, check out the video:

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