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Monday, January 25, 2010

Is it just me?

Or is this really funny:

A team of scientists got together at the California Institute of Technology to work on a global-warming "Frankenstorm" scenario, but about a dozen members canceled due to the torrential rain fall that “pelted wildfire-stripped hillsides and flooded highways in California.

Or is this kinda of sad?

I just saw that music icon Leon Russell had brain surgery last week. I guess it was sometime in the 80s (a few months after his heart surgery) I caught both him and Edgar Winter in Spokane, Washington. I was there working so it was a more than pleasant surprise to have the opportunity to see them together performing.

Leon is always kind of deadpan when performing but you could tell he was still recovering anf frail. I'm assuming he needed the money for medical costs as most musicians don't have health insurance. Edgar however really put on a show. Funny thing is up until that show, I would have gone seen Leon but probably not Edgar....I was wrong about not see Edgar...hes a class act well worth the price of admission..as still is Leon!

I saw Leon performing with his kid a few year back...hope I have the opportunity to see him again in the future.

Frankenstein...Edgar Winter

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