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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gunning For Trouble

I usually don’t waste my time ranting about gun runners golden child, the NRA. And before the yelling starts, let me state I believe in responsible gun ownership. But there in lies the problem…what constitutes responsible.

To me, background checks, waiting periods, and trigger locks are being responsible. After all, you can still have a gun, you just have to follow protocols make gun ownership safer for all of us. Seems pretty reasonable and responsible.

Conversely, the NRA, a massive political organization with direct financial ties to weapons manufacturers, consider only gun ownership…as responsible. They characterize anything else as an censure. Their motivation is not constitutional rights but they use that as their marketing tool to manipulate a stupid public. Because of this, local police can be ‘out gunned’ by criminals, and wackos can easily obtain weapons used in mass killings…

Since March 10, there have been eight rampages that have claimed 57 lives. Each of the gunmen were legally entitled to wield the weapons they open fired with…nice…. A killing brought to you by your rights to bear arms..

I’m not advocating we take guns away or stop selling them, but I am saying lets get protections in place before we’re all puppets of the weapon masters who see us as nothing more than wallets and targets.

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