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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Day Late and A Dollar Short Award

Republicans plan to unveil their alternative budget proposal this afternoon (one that actually has numbers)...hahahha

Limbaugh's namby-pamby biggest loser award:

To Norm Coleman for not conceding. So what if the people of Minnesota deserve full representation in the U.S. Senate, it's " in our [GOP] interest to keep this dragging on”.

GOP Intelligent Design award:

This was a tough one...but after disqualifying Palen (15 minutes of fame are up!) I have to agree with Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, and give it to Rush Limbaugh. Rahm on Rush: "the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party."

A Chicken in every Pothole award:

Apparently KFC has a new marketing ploy that promises to fill our potholes while adverstising...

The restaurant chain will fix crater-ridden streets for free if they're allowed to brand repairs with a chalked-on message saying that the road has been "Re-Freshed by KFC." Wow- If other fast food chains did this...by spring Minnesota streets would have lots and lots of graffiti.

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