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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Al Franken Update

Once Al Franken is seated, Democrats will have 60 seats in the Senate. Can you say 'proof majority'? lol

My prediction: Al will be seated within a few weeks.

As it now stands, Franken leads Republican incumbent Norm Coleman by 312 votes. Coleman has challenged the results to the Minnesota's Supreme Court with the hearing scheduled for June 1. However this election is all over except for the Coleman crying and delaying.

Coleman and the Rushpublicants will probably insist on taking it to the Feds (say weren’t they “State’s Rights” people just yesterday?)…after all it's not about winning but delaying. And that will put Governor TPaw in the awkward position of either certifying Al Franken and pissing off his righto base or not certifying and piss of the majority of Minnesotans. (again...where's the party of state rights?). Either way it's a lose:lose for TPaw.

So look for Senator Al Franken representing you as soon as Coleman et al determine that they truly are the biggest losers.

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