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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Don't Look Back

I saw a car the other day in Eagan with a Bachmann sticker. My very first thought was that they must be related to her…but then I realized she did get re-elected so it would have taken more than just her relatives' votes so maybe it was someone who supported her...but why?

Besides making Minnesota look like loons by her far right ideology, strange behavior and radical comments, she doesn’t represent the needs of her constituents…According to The Minnesota Independent, Bachmann’s 6th district has a higher foreclosure rate than districts in the rest of the state….but she voted against foreclosure relief…five times!

So who are these folks? Do they just not read the news or watch TV? I really want to know why someone would vote for her?

K it's a stretch...grateful dead sticker isn't a bachmann sticker...tg!

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