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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Talk To Steve Sarvi!

Steve Sarvi- Congressional Candidate in Minnesota's second district will be interviewed today! From insidemnpolitcs@mac.com.:

Your Chance To Talk To Steve Sarvi - Candidate To Replace Rep. John Kline
When I first interviewed Steve Sarvi he was in Iraq helping people in rural Iraq rebuild their roads, buildings and other infrastructure that has been destroyed in the fighting there. It was his last assignment in a 19-year military career that had included successfully mentoring people in war-damaged Kosovo on how to set up their own local governments.

At that time Sarvi indicated he was ready for his next assignment: coming home, taking on Rep. John Kline in a run for Congress, and then helping us fix our own war-damaged government.

Today Steve will be a guest (and I'll be the fill-in host) on Air America Minnesota's Mark Heaney show. We're going to talk about what Steve has heard in his 13-stop listening tour through Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District. By the way, that's 12 more open face-to-face meetings than Rep. Kline has held with his constituents this year. I'll be opening the phone lines so you can ask questions of Steve too.

So as you're driving home, or cleaning house today for Thanksgiving, turn your radio to AM 950 and participate.

Three ways to listen. On the air live on AM950, on line live, or if you miss the show there's a podcast available usually by the next day.

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