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Sunday, November 18, 2007

John Kline supports building bridges in Iraq, but not in Minnesota.

Friday, Tim Walz and John Kline appeared on Almanac together to discuss a House bill that would fund the final construction costs of the new 35W Bridge in Minneapolis. Walz voted for the bill, Kline voted with BUSH against the bill.

Throughout the exchanged Kline referred to the "pet projects" imbedded into this bill, like money, which is LONG overdue to improve HWY 14 here in Minnesota. He stated that the Democrats were being irresponsible with the budget... this is laughable since the President, which Kline supports 110% without question, has put our country in the most debt EVER!!!

Watch as Tim Walz sticks up for Minnesota and goes after Kline!

Want to find out what pet projects are important to BUSH?
Click on this link and then click on "Bush's money hypocrisy?" from MSNBC's Countdown:

What does Kline think about us dishing out money to BUSH's pork projects????

Mr. Kline you need to represent US, the people that live in your district and NOT BUSH!!

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