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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Minnesota Cow Tipping

The Minnesota GOP still doesn't get it.
Even after adjourning without balancing the budget, the GOP are still talking about cuts to services to pay for the tax cuts they gave to the wealthy at the start of the session....Give me a break! Is it too much to say...EVERYONE should share the pain of economic downturn and the cost of fixing government? And oh yeah, that shared cost should be equally distributed among us all not just the poorest!

Long ago the GOP traded reasonableness and the ability to negotiate in exchange for a far right ideology serving only special interest and corporations. While many feel the Minnesota GOP have lost their way if you call them on it, they react like children, no, not by smashing things or holding their breaths til blue, but by making everybody else as miserable as possible to get their own way...can you say government shut down?

Just like their WA.DC. counterparts, the MN GOP will tell you to not expect anything from government but then corporations and the wealthy deserve their help:

"The U.S. Supreme Court has deemed corporations are persons. It may have to give the same status to renters. That would help Speaker Zellers remember the $180 million increase in net taxes on renters he and his caucus have voted for by cutting the renters' credit."

The poorest among us is to sustain the government cuts by decrease funding and services...it's like taking your rich uncle to a steak house while telling grandma she can have a can of dog food....These are not nice people!

Their plan from the start was to cut taxes for the wealthy, privatize everything, cut services, but spend and grow government for social issues that they approve of like marriage amendments and voter ids.... and their formula besides being flawed, can't work when the burden is continued upon the wallets of the working poor.

T-Paw (yawn) announced something
....the most boring white candidate announced this week...yawn..oh sorry having trouble staying awake for this one...Ex MN Governor Tim Pawlenty announced his candidacy (yawn...oh so tired) for President. Sorry I missed the announcement because there was so much more important things going on (chose any) the dog needed working, I had a fingernail that needed clipping, the rapture needed rescheduling.

Bachmann announces she might announce
What I wouldn't give for Batcrap Bachmann to go back to where she came from.. forever: “Oh, goodness, being born in Iowa gives every advantage — every advantage a girl would want to have,” Ms. Bachmann said. “There is no downside to being born in Iowa.”

Is it just me or does Iowa seem like a waiting room for hell...so eloquent put by Claude R. Porter..."Iowa will go Democratic when Hell goes Methodist," So naturally, they get first dibs on who the next viable Democratic President candidate will be...talk about broken processes, but I knew that by what happen to Mr. Dean.

Have a nice extended weekend!


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