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Friday, May 01, 2009

Slapping On Swine Flu Lipstick

Funny man Jon Stewart insists that the swine flu ranks last on the ‘list of things that can kill you in Mexico’. He’s accurate to a point...It seems as if misinformation is spreading faster than the flu…So for reality based information on the H1N1 flu, surf over to boingboing. They have "fun swine flu facts" from a "giant infectious disease dork,"…really I kid u not!

And yes, scientist and crackpots do have things in common? They both are offering theories on where swine flu came from…Naturally those that see black helicopters circling give the most interesting and entertaining theories…among them is the New Zealanders connection .

Well regardless of what you believe…dead pigs in china, evil factory pig farms, Al Qaeda plots, or government research going amuck…we know now that the virus has picked up a mixture of elements including bird and human. While finding the source can help prevent future outbreaks, determining and making a vaccine has a high priority. Now that a staffer in the Obama administration has it (apparently from the recent visit to Mexico) look for even more emphasis to be placed on finding a vaccination.

Naturally, nothing says fashion disaster like a swine flu mask (better known as the new influenza A (H1N1) virus mask)! I lived in Japan where mask wearing was common if you had a cold… But seriously do you even know which type of mask and what kind of protection it will give you beyond the Michael Jackson accessory collection.

So there ya go…more about the flu than you needed or wanted to know…seriously if you have symptoms chances are you don’t have swine flu still…stay away from others and see your doctor.

To close (in case I’ve worried anyone needlessly) there are 5 reasons not to panic:

  1. For now the numbers are low

  2. A(H1N1) is not the deadiliest of flues

  3. There is hope for a vaccine soon and does respond to Tamiflu

  4. Governments and Doctors (networks) are better prepared for outbreaks

  5. We’re into Spring, were flu cases decline dramatically

Be safe, enjoy the weekend-)

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