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Friday, May 15, 2009

Better Call More Police

I've been foaming at the mouth over the Senate not giving single payer health care a place at thier table...naturally they had plenty of room for the insurance companies, the HMOs, the drug companies...How can you have a fair hearing when you don't have all the options there? You can't be caring that deeply if you don't even give us a place at the table...

... I just can't keep it all in...look for an implosion later this week but until then...read this...and be prepared be get madder. THIS A DEAL BREAKER!!! You can't always rely on the police to restore order...and laughing?!...this is so terrible...this is so unacceptable...PUT SINGLE PAYER ON THE TABLE!!! And be prepared to call more and more police because we won't be quiet anymore.

The best result? The best result is not a stacked deck by your corporate checkbooks...at least not for the American people. This has got to stop! The same companies that had lead us to this healthcare crisis can not be dependent on to resolve the problem in our best interest.

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