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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why American Media Sucks

Where to begin? So many examples. Well let's look at the media on the Sotomayor nomination...I don't mind the talking heads but couldn't we put some kind of qualifier on them so at the very least they have credibility so we can keep score on the real facts? Shouldn't the talking heads on TV/radio representing opinions be at the very least trustworthy and have some expertise in the topic!

Seems like all you need to be on these 'news' shows is star power...even fading star power. The fact that Alberto Gonzales isn't trustworthy should eliminates him from speaking on any talk show but still he's on TV offering up his opinion of Sotomayor's appointment! And half the others have no expertise in the area of law...so really what we have is truly empty talking heads...welcome to America's Media! They create rather than report to the lowest denominator!

Sam has it right over at the Church of Bad News when he refers to Chris Wallace and the rest of the media as highly paid sycophants that cheer leaded for the liars and war criminals...why is it they get a free pass now that we know the truth? And how is it that we continue to allow them to conduct business as usually instead of demanding some minimal standards in the media?

Until we have an honest discussion about the need for change within the media community, don't look for any kind of truthfulness from them soon.

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