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Friday, March 06, 2009

Techno Junkie

My kids describe me as a 'geeky', I work all day with engineering nerds, I relate socially to the IT guys, and I forgot what life was like before computers...but that doesn't stop me from occasionally assessing technology from a cultural and philosophic point of view...which brings me to a read from Dashiell's blog on techno-hubris:

It’s not that technology is bad. Of course it isn’t. The problem is that human culture has not matured sufficiently to handle the almost god-like powers of modern technology. Instead we’re using them to kill each other and ourselves. The problem that faces us is actually the same that faced the ancient philosophers who puzzled over the problems of political life. How do we foster a civilization based on love, respect, and mutual cooperation, rather than the habitual structures of power, domination, and greed?

I relish most technology...look forward with glee to new innovations and applications. I find it all fascinating and stimulating, mind expanding if you will...but Dashiell makes a good point that while technology won't usually work flawed...human's continually do.

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