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Friday, March 13, 2009

13 Things To Tell

Good Luck Charm: My youngest is a ‘Friday the 13th’ baby…and she’s been nothing but good luck for anyone who knows her! So paraskevidekatriaphobia is irrational...at least to me…

Judgement Day: How has that self-regulation worked out? Not so well. From 2001 to 2007, corporate, securities and investment fraud cases, have increased of 37%.

Why I’m not Religious: This is wrong. Label it for what it is…anti-women…same group In 2007 ordered a 19-year-old gang-rape victim in the Saudi city of Qatif sentenced to 200 lashes and six months in prison for meeting with an unrelated male. The seven rapists, who abducted the woman and man, received sentences ranging from 10 months to five years in prison

Understatement: When almost half of all US bonds are owed by China…this could be a problem…But really? “tip us into a recession”? Haven’t the media been paying attention…things have gone past the recession…can you say depression?

Priceless: I won’t be selling Jon Stewart ever…regardless of all the talking heads on wall streets recommendations.

Price on His head: Still many would find him acceptable because of his bankroll. Probably less of a crime than what many on the list have done…unfortunately.

Drug dealer also: Not all drug dealers live down dark alleys.

SnakeOil Salesmen: “I got a few things wrong”…Jim Cramer, MNBC….”No shit Sherlock”...Jon Stewart, Daily Show

Still a Crisis: Darfu

Election made in hell: Well to be fair it’s a hell of Coleman’s doing. Unwilling to accept the recount outcome, Coleman filed in court. It’s unlikely (can you say snowball’s chance in hell!) to win in this court. Expect him to file an appeal in Minnesota’s highest court…not to win but delay the Democrat from taking his seat and representing Minnesotans...When Coleman loses there…expect a Federal filing….Coleman gives a whole new meaning to the term SORE LOSER.

Why we’re disenfranchised (Part 1): 45% of the US senate members are senior citizens-- and one of them is Jim Bunning (R-KY)-- it's basically the Alzheimer's wing of the federal government. Notably bewildered colleagues of Burris include octogenarian Daniel Akaka (D-HI), who after 19 years on the job still isn't sure what he's doing there, nonagenarian Robert C. Byrd (D-WV), who can't stop eulogizing Ted Kennedy, and the late Strom Thurmond (R-SC), who thought James Brown was an ambassador.

Why we’re disenfranchised (part 2): Blue Dogs are acting more like mangy mutts.

Friday the 13th: happens at least once a year…and once in a blue moon…occurs 3 times. At least 17 to 21 million Americans are affected by a fear of this day (silly gooses)…It is estimated that businesses lose 800-900 Million (noticeable drop) on those days.

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