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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sore Loser Coleman

If you need a reminder of why mainstream media isn't flourishing these days...perhaps it's because they try to be the news, vent the news, create the news...rather than report it fairly. Eric Boehlert makes a good point over at Media Matters....

"Traditionally, candidates who lost and cried foul had a rather short window to prove their case before the media lost patience and started calling the candidate out as petulant and self-involved. Just ask Al Gore, who was hounded in the press by the specter of the "sore loser" label practically from the moment he withdrew his concession in the early morning hours following Election Day. I doubt a day went by during the Florida recount when there wasn't a "sore loser" reference to Gore in the press. (In Nexis, I found nearly 900 "sore loser" press mentions in Gore articles between November and December 2000.)

For some reason, Coleman has been able to mostly avoid the dreaded "sore loser" label, one that can be a career-killer for any politician. Instead, the press has largely given Coleman and his Republican supporters an open canvas on which to operate...."

Like Eric, I'm asking why the press doesn't apply the same standard to a Republican that it applied to a Democrat?

There was a fair election process including recount done according to law...We're about to get another ruling telling us Franken is the winner but we know Coleman plans to continue his fight knowing (admitting) it's doom to failure.

It's time for the media to do thier job and report......Coleman accepts partisan ideology over Minnesota's voters and continues to obstruct and delay. That can only mean that Coleman is a sore loser but more to the point, his tactics are contrary to Minnesotan's best interests.

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