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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scandalious Tuesday's Candy!

Oy vey!
Ira Forman, executive director of the National Jewish Democratic Council, is scoffing at NORPAC’s claims that Coleman won the election is proven his case in the recount…

“The only ones saying things like this are the most partisan Republicans,” he said. “Anybody looking at the legal process taking place in Minnesota knows it’s been fair and bipartisan. If NORPAC wants to change itself into a Republican entity, I guess that’s up to them.”

Typing the Keyboard Loudly!
Seems the progressives are pretty much on the same page in regards to the White House economic team’s subservience to Wall Street... Why else would blue collar auto workers have to take pay and benefit cuts while AIG white collar executives get bonuses….Obama but his economic team better start thinking outside of traditional Wall Street-Insider Washington lines….remember…you promised us change, I'm still waiting.

You know when ABC News’ Tahman Bradley report starts with “Former Vice President Dick Cheney said”, but doesn’t end with ‘Guilty’….it the usual sensationalized hack job from a lazy ass reporter…just saying.

AIG verses America!
Robert Reich: The real scandal of AIG isn't just that American taxpayers have so far committed $170 billion to the giant insurer because it is thought to be too big to fail -- the most money ever funneled to a single company by a government since the dawn of capitalism …Americans still have so little say over what is happening with our money. Click here to read more.

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