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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday's Twinklings

Norm Talks To G*D ...but fails to listen
When I talked with g*d this morning, she said Norm Coleman was taking out of context what she told him...she never told him any of those things as he states. Typical GOP spingoli to even try to twist the word of g*d! Seriously...his defense is now because g*d said so?! Let's all agree not to accept the bat-shit crazy stuff coming out the Republicans mouths as if it were somehow normal.

Who cares what Minneapolis travel expert Terry Trippler thinks?
Yeah I really do think NWA should honor the deal they made even if it was a mistake.

'NWA is honoring the free tickets for those who already have traveled or are in mid-trip.'

Wow there's a surprise to see Northwest Airline and the word 'honor' in the same sentence?! Too bad for the rest as they will have to pay after an erroneous online offer as NWA really has no honor

Yeah I'm letting go of the past...but one step at a time...

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