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Thursday, February 19, 2009

King Solomon Sides With Minnesota Voters

This is the stupidest rant on the recount I’ve ever read. Note to the idiot Kevin Winge …there was an election and then a recount that determined a winner of that election. Sure it was close, so there was a mandatory recount of the election. But the recount determined Al Franken was the winner of that election by 225+ votes.

Now we have Coleman’s campaign (funded by the GOP in Congress) playing obstructionist by filing one lawsuit after another in an effort to keep a Democrat out of office. Not to win, Coleman knows that isn't happening...but to block a Democrat from taking his old seat for as long as possible. It’s partisanship at it’s very best…screw the voters, screw the law, manipulate the process and obstruct and deny Democrats….all at the expense of Minnesota!

We need a leadership voice more than ever...some of the most important decisions regarding our futures are being made right now. Our leaders are deciding issues like the economy, war, healthcare, transportation, state funding….but thanks to Normie, Minnesotans get one damn vote.

With the last two weeks of numerous court rulings going against Coleman's petty claims, it would take a miracle for Coleman to win…but this is reality and votes aren’t ‘hail mary’ passes. So the only possible outcome is to denied Democrats (and Minnesotans) another seat. There is no hope of a victory. They know that. Instead Republicans are intent on a long drawn-out battle to further their partisan agenda.

“The net effect,” Norm’s attorney Ginsberg said, “is a legal quagmire that makes ascertaining a final, legitimate result to this election even more difficult.”

…and that’s the problem…that they (GOP and Norm Coleman) want no outcome. The GOP rather obstruct while our state and nation need real leadership. Instead of conceding to Minnesota's voters, Norm Coleman continues to play politics as usual, and that pettiness and lack of respect to Minnesotans will mark him forever as a loser. King Solomon being wise and just would see it exactly the same way.

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