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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Word Up

As long as the GOP sees Al Franken as the top public enemy and not….oh idk...
inadequate health care for millions of Americans, under funded states, cities, and county governments, the economy with record deficit, falling down infrastructures, transits break downs, polluntion and global warming (just to name a few!)

Then there is no hope of us working together to fix what’s broken. There’s lots of real enemies out there but calling a Minnesota’s duly elected senator as top public enemy is arrogant and wrong. It's particulary shameful given the majority of Minnesota voters have spoken.

Message to Ron Carey, Steven Schier and Joe Reypa: You’re not helping Americans by trash talking and flinging outrageous claims without the facts. Maybe it’s the reason the GOP has lost so much support and so many races nationwide. Folks have had enough of minority opinions that only further the agenda of a few.

Small minded partisan behavior from so-called leaders won't lead to resolution of the major problems facing our country. Might I suggest you engage in real conversion that builds consensus in resolving our more immediate problems rather than continue to be empty talking heads.

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