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Friday, January 30, 2009

Another Sad Voter Story

So I’ll have my dog dip his tail in ink and wag it over the ballot…then I’ll instruct my cat on what choices I want her to marked with the wet ink…and then finally I’ll let the hamster's tiny tongue seal the envelop and mail it for me …then I’ll contact the Norm Coleman campaign to see if my story is outrageous enough for them to present to the court on the premise that ‘every vote should count’ regardless for the laws and rules!

A Spork in the Drawer nailed it with:
Hell, even Coleman knows he's finished. Why else would he have taken a job as a lobbyist? But Norm, at the behest of the RNC, is going to waste Minnesota's, the Senate's, and the Nation's time and money out of sheer pique. The Republican Party: We put temper tantrums first!

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