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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kline Continues To Cling To Idealogy Over Real Solutions

For years we've watch as Congressman John Kline rubber stamped budget after budget that drove American to where we are today...bankrupt and on the brink of despair. The cost of the Iraqi war and the cost overruns from private war profiteers were all done with Kline's approval and on his watch and at the expense of our tax dollars...so where does he get off calling Obama's stimulus package....

"...a trillion-dollar borrow-and-spend bill [that] will not bring us back to prosperity. ... Rather than jump-starting the economy, this bill saddles our children and grandchildren with more debt and bigger government."

His comments are so sad....considering that during Kline's time in office he has driven the national debt to an all time high...KLINE HAS SADDLED OUT CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN WITH TRILLIONS IN DEBT! And guess what? The government has grown to an ALL TIME HIGH under the Bush Administration with Kline's help! So instead of the Kline pot calling the kettle black, how about some real change?

At a time in history when Americans could use real leadership and cooperation Kline continues to cling to his rank and vicious partisanship. Kline's no vote seems to support Rush Limbaugh's rant of wanting American to fail so that Obama fails. Can't say I'm surprised by Kline's failure to take a real leadership roll...but his excessive partisanship and inability to work for the best interest of Americans coupled with his adherence to out-of-touch policies will make the voters he represents the biggest losers.

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