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Monday, January 05, 2009

Goodbye Norm Coleman

Norm Coleman is out and I couldn't agree more with DownwithTyranny :

“...one term was more than enough for this sleazy and ethically-challenged political hack”

But in a sad way, this may not be the last of Coleman's political career according to the WashingtonPost.com:

“Privately, some Republican insiders are contemplating a next move for Coleman if he comes up short in the recount. One well-connected GOP operative said that Coleman is being mentioned as a possible chairman of the Republican National Committee.”

Where to start…first, I love the phase “if he comes up short”…Coleman has come up short..and now it's over, the end, kaput…no 'if', 'and' or 'but'…Coleman is no longer a Senator (don't let the door slam when ya leave!).

Second, Norm lacks leadership…always has…so why make him the chair of the RNC…er…well, other than the obvious fit…lacks leadership, lacks diversity, lacks ethics, love fine whiskey, cigars and women…ah…now I get it, more of the same from the party of bankrupt morals.

Third, Norm will be busy this year defending himself against charges...of course, he'll have to pay the legal bills somehow.

Fourth, He's no longer a Senator (I know this a repeat of before but it makes me feels so good I wanted to say it twice!)

Fifth, Coleman did say (his words not mine!) "If I were trailing, I would step back." Well, now is the time to do just that and let the will of Minnesota's voters take over.

Sixth, 'Someone has to say it...might as well be me...goodbye'

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