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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Norm Coleman's PACing The Deck

To date Norm Coleman has raised more money than Al Franken due partly because Franken just last week received the Democratic endorsement but it’s also partly because Norm Coleman is brought and paid for by special interest PACs.

Individual Contributions:
Al Franken 97 %
Norm Coleman 75%

PAC Contriibutions:
Al Franken 2%
Norm Coleman 20%

The high amount of special interest money to Norm Coleman’s campaign comes from health care groups (wonder why we don’t have health care reform?), and energy companies (why yes oil is $4 a gallon now while oil companies have record profits and are exempt from many taxes!), and big banks (reaping record profits while homeowners face record forclosures).

And all the above is just the lighter side of Norm’s money source: Coleman is connected to shadowy soft money from dubious sources with even dirtier campaign tactics…

Senator Coleman won’t be easy to beat because he has a pattern of deception when it comes to his campaigning. Fortunately Minnesotans expect more from their elected officials than the kind of underhanded smoke screen of money and resources that Norm’s campaign is accepting. Coleman has spent his whole Senate as Bush’s lap dog funded by special and corporate interests. He’s closely linked to PACs that specialize in ‘swiftboatering’ others… fortunately Minnesotans now have a choice in Al Franken.

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