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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Money To Burn

No wonder we don't always get what we want like universal healthcare or functioning bridges?$75 Million could rebuilt a few bridges and that’s just what was spent in April 2008…Taken altogether it looks like this:

April 2008 Total Receipts for Presidential Campaign

Obama $31,922,904.74
Clinton $26,911,626.98

Some believe that the nominees need to raise $500 million apiece to compete. Building toward that end - in 2007 the presidential candidates raised a combined half a billion dollars! Tell me again about how they are fiscal conservatives? Yeah right, they are but the system isn’t.

We’ve demanded campaign finance reform, isn’t it time our leaders provide it? Merely raising the topic doesn’t fix it. It’s essential to replace the current system with one that reflects all the great values and standards we want from our elected leaders…like the ability to be fiscally conservative.

I know, currently you have to spend the money to win…but in the process we all lose. Now you really must excuse me, I need to wash, just talking about it made me feel dirty.

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