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Friday, January 25, 2008

Wakota Bridge Wonker

So once again we have the saga of mismanagement, poor decisions, wrong reasoning and just plain lack of leadership costing Minnesotan's more...And once again, it's MNDOT's process and the Wakota Bridge....

For $6 million more than the bid gathered over a year ago...MNDOT just awarded the Wakota proposal to Lunda Construction ...MNDOT opted to rebid the eastbound span of the bridge stating that the cost was too high. A year later and now $6 MILLION higher...MNDOT accepts the lowest bidder. MNDOT's new slogan should read...MNDOT's business acumen takes longer and costs more tax dollars! The Wakota bridge is the single-worse bridge project in Minnesota history in terms of delays and cost overruns...

Current traffic backups on the bridge are now at or exceed levels before the bridge was replaced. Often traffic is backed up miles as far as Hwy 52 on the eastbound side during evening rush hour and to nearly Interstate 94 on the westbound side during the morning rush hour. Last night I had occasion to cross the bridge and get on Highway 61...it was not a pretty experience given the mess. Snow and ice add to the dangerous crossing and massive delays.

So the question is: Why does Lieutenant Governor/MNDOT Commissioner Carol Molnau still have a job? She has garnered criticism from both the DFL and GOP for what they perceive as an unwillingness to advocate for funding for the state’s transportation needs. Obviously she has mismanaged this major project causing both delays and cost overruns. So again, why does she have a job when we so desperately need leadership and vision for Minnesota's transportation needs?

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering why Molnau is still both the head of MNDot and the Lt. Governor too. Then it struck me as I picked up more gossip about Pawlentys aspirations to go higher in the political food chain. Do you think that he or his lap dogs have some how pulled the leash and have muzzeled the MN Legislative body, so that he can run on the same ticket w/ McCain? I can't think of any other reason for our very own MN Legislature to be so quite on the fact that their constituents died the day the bridge fell down. Then there are those that survived and the rest of us who watched it in horror. Horrific, it’s all just so horrific. I don't even feel like I can effectively contact the MN elected officials anymore on any other matter, 5 months later. I don't know what to think about the MN Legislature now. Other than they are failing to take real action on this matter. Maybe I missed some little soap box moment along the way. Thanks Truth Surfer for this excellent post.
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P.S. I've been paying close attention to one MN Representative from Virginia MN, said to be a real bulldog on people issues. And another - out of Saint Paul, both recently held a hearing on the MN Unemployment Insurance fiasco. They are on my radar and I'm monitoring their action right now. But can't see any other's with the same level of passion for the people that elected them.