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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Seeing Invisible Sexism

Instead of seeing dead people, I’ve been seeing invisible sexism...everywhere…for most my life...Now that Hillary is running for President, its triggered an evaluation and review of just ‘how far have we come- baby’?. And my sense as well as the reality on the ground... is we've haven't made the strides we thought we would have by now. Not when the thought of a women President can evoke such vile and demented responsive from even the most mainstreamed media. For me personally, I think a lot of advancements were cosmetic (wearing pants to school) verses the same opportunities (attending A-listed schools).

In reading about gender as a political issue I ran across Erica Jong who speaks to finding that 50/50 division of sexual power. Jong tells us that Hillary's running (win or lose) has opened up the opportunity to look at the role invisible sexism plays in our society as well as the opportunity to change it.
The truth is, we want sexism to be passé. We don't want to keep fighting it. It's so uncool to fight it. We sound so shrill, so whining, so strident, so piercing, so shrewish, so female…

Youth has come in the person of Barack. Male? Not really. Think of his wife. Two for the price of one--like Billary in 1992. But will Ms. Obama be the prez? Not really. Power behind the throne. Same old, same old. We seem to have forgotten that we did this all before.

If this is the politics of gender, so be it. We need a politics of gender in this country.

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