I grew up reading comic books wanting to be a superhero. Comics taught me that those who speak the truth are heroes, all the rest are liars.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

All Over The Map

The 'Church Secretary' been drinking the wine again...but not to worry...the visions are real..."Fuck hope. We've been stuck in stupid for so long, it's going to be hard and painful work pulling ourselves out of it. This country is in a hole, and we need leaders with the good sense to start by snatching the shovels from those who are digging us deeper."

Oh my gosh, the voters in New Hampshire can read more than in Iowa!

And what a long...long...long trip it's been...Expectation Low for Bush Trip.

I'm thinking of investing...

If you hate he Electoral College, then you're be really upset to learn about Super-delegates? And talking about College....How many times have you heard 'unglued in time for class'?

And finally the madman makes more sense than the rest:
Domestic terrorists. That’s what these people are. That’s how they should be treated. That they aren’t is just another demonstration that we don’t live under the rule of law, but rather the fiat of the powerful, who pick and choose their priorities, and those priorities generally do not include the protection of women.

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