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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Collective Thoughts

The recent ‘scorched earth’ media reporting does more to hurt the Democratic party and it’s candidates. It doesn't build a consensus or give value to the issues...instead the media reports as if Democrats were a 'a flock of Britney Spears' with no reference to substance like...oh I don't know...ISSUES! It's become painful to see as even the candidates struggle to bring attention back from their egos to the issues. Here's one blog's account from Jane Hamsher at firedoglake.com
If no decisive victor emerges before the convention, the superdelegates could force both Clinton and Obama onto a ticket. While I'm sure neither would be happy with that situation, it may be the best thing for the party as a whole. It certainly would be an unbeatable and historic combination, ushering in an era where we can hopefully begin to talk about these things. And after the damage that their mutual mud slinging contest has done to any kind of future coalition, the onus may be on them to suck it up for the good of the country.

Because it doesn't look like our high-minded press -- full of egomaniacs like Bai with no more imagination than to flog the horserace story for their own amusement --will content itself with anything less than scorched earth.

Finally! A reason why we vote against our best interests…read it…fascinating…

Because, in the end, even the people of Nevada, which has the highest home foreclosure rate in the country, will vote for the candidate they trust to keep them alive over the candidate they think will lower their mortgage!

My sentiments…exactly!

I'm thrilled that this seems to be a Democratic year and we have a choice between a woman and an African American, but we can take nothing for granted. I will work my tail off for whichever Democrat gets the nomination. I've already sent money and I expect to send more. I've already written articles, books, poems, parodies and will write more. I've spoken for the cause and will speak more. However the one thing I can't do is reform our irresponsible press. I can blog till the cows come home, but if the voters refuse to look at Hillary's record, and refuse to read and research, I can't shove my passions down their throats.

I’m posting this because I always wanted to say ‘mommy/ball-buster teeter-totter

In their appraisals of Hillary Clinton, the pollsters and pundits who have not gotten beyond that mommy/ball-buster teeter-totter narrative of American womanhood also have not begun to diagnose gender dynamics beyond the perspective of the little boy and his mom. A lot of female voters, however, may be factoring in a whole other kind of female archetype, whose wet eyes do not signal weakness and whose flashes of anger do not signal coldness, only pragmatic perseverance.

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