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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A History Lesson For Marty Seifert

Open mouth, insert one large Seifert foot!
Funny how Marty Seifert (GOP) conveniently forgot his own history when pointing fingers at the legislative MN House performance in January. Fortunately, Rep. Tony Sertich (DFL) gives out history lessons for free:

“Let me share with you some history,” Sertich said. “In the first two months of the session in 1993, 10 bills were passed by the House. Two became law.“In 2003, when (Seifert and the Republicans) were in charge, two bills passed the House in the first two months and zero became law. And in 2005, when you were in charge, seven bills passed the House and only one became law.“Hopefully, you will remember when you were in charge, Mr. Seifert, when you toiled two months without passing a single (bill) into law.”Sertich then listed issues this year’s House has tackled and approved and said, “I think we’re doing a good job.”

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