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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Are They Even Paying Attention?

Let’s see, while Bush surges up our troops in Iraq, the rest of the ‘coalition of the willing’ use it as an opportunity to withdrawal…what’s wrong with this picture?
Britain’s Tony Blair desurges their troops…as does Denmark

Nobody recommended a surge... not Bush’s appointed Iraqi Review Committee, not the generals on the ground, nor the Congress. Bush thought this up on his own, without supporting evidence and once again the House and Senate allow him to carry out an initiative that will result in lives lost, destruction of property with no progress …way to go folks….Say what you will about the mandate to end the war from the last election, the cretins in office still don’t seem to get it….dragging out the war won’t make it better or change anything..geez..pass the gun to me, at least I know what to shoot to finish this off and it won’t be my foot or fellow American soldiers…

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