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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

When Smoke Gets In My Eyes

This is about the right to smoke...well mostly, sort of, kind of...it's an interesting rant on the right to blow smoke up our arses...But don't get me wrong... I do agree with 'most' of what is being said. But I don't smoke and therefore, I don't want to smell or breath smoke. Simply put... if we're talking about individual rights, smoke all you want....just not in public!

As to the rest of the rant. (shoot the fat guys, hang the smokers).. It's an interesting read...and smoke for thought...yes we been sold down the river by raiders...Corporate pirates that are now demanding we walk the plank after they force fed up their ideology and we brought it hook, line, and sinker. The smoking analogy applies everywhere and to everything...sigh...it's depressing. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

"Generally, this war is described as a battle against big tobacco, but, of course, it's actually a war on working people, their habits, their little idiot joys, their little mechanisms of coping."And, I don't understand how being fat is a Left issue, either. What the fuck is all this shit?"...

And it took the raw obscenity of George Bush for me to realize that ideology had taken over the political and civic arenas, the only venues where a society can exercise compassion collectively and by force of legislation and law demonstrate its humanity and evolution."

"It no longer matters if Democrats are the majority. We don't see our warfare abroad decreasing. It's expanding. And following an ideological war over health care reform, we "won." We got reform. Reform which forces 40 million of America's poorest and hardest working folks into bed with insurance corporations, sucking an additional 70 billion dollars a year in public funds from the citizens' pockets into insurance industry coffers. We don't need the insurance companies at all. Never did. Never will. But they are still leeching us because "we won." We the supposed proponents of universal health care, we who believe in the right of all children and old folks, the right of all people to freedom from pain and misery, we won."

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