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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grap The Golden Ring...NOW!

I had pages of rants about health care...volumes of venom about what's wrong (blue dogs, rethugicans, sell outs, bought outs, Liebertaitors)..but it was so negative...then in a blinding flash I realized that there is always someone directing, in charge, the grand poobah, the...fall guy. I won't mention names...just like my rant, it doesn't seem to be changing what's going on but I will tell ya this...it's time for Mr. Nice Guy Obama to send the family away and take to the mattresses...

LBJ said:

“Don’t ever argue with me [about health]. I’ll go a hundred million or a billion on health or education. I don’t argue about that any more than I argue about Lady Bird [Mrs. Johnson] buying flour. You got to have to have flour and coffee in your house. Education and health. I’ll spend the goddamn money. I may cut back some tanks. But not on health.”

In case someone forget, LBJ was responsible for among other things the 'great society'. His was a moment in time filled with turmoil and decisions that fundamentally changed our country....We're there again...a turning point. LBJ didn't always choose right but he did recognize the moral imperative to provide for all fairly/equally.

Are our leaders wise enough and strong enough to embrace fate and change the direction of this country? Get there...do it...show some dognapped ethical leadership...grasp the golden ring... We don't need a frickin compromise and concensus...we need healthcare! We need them to become what fate is calling out for them to be...

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