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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bright Shiney Objects Are Closer Than They Appear!

Thanksgiving was fun and wacky...We did an 'Elvis comes to turkey day' theme....complete with a hunka hunka of burning turkey...Friends and Family gathered and we reflected on the year while listening to Elvis tunes. After a few glasses of bubbly I realized that humor really does save me...as in Jon Stewart getting me through the Bush years...and more recently...the Rev. Billy getting me through the season of consumerism (better know as the season of giving to corportations or Shopcaloypse).

If you haven't seen 'What Would Jesus Buy'...then do so...and take your family and friends. Get in touch with your spending and realize there's a difference between what you need and what you want and more importantly...what the cost is to both your community and your soul. I was going to post some pictures of Rev. Billy but found a bright shiney object on the way home and decided to post it instead-) Imagine all that and no trailer park in view!

Just say no!

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