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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What's Not Nice About Pawlenty

CNN is saying Governor Pawlenty is announcing on Monday that he won’t seek re-election for a third term. While great news for Minnesota because I’m not sure we could survive another term under his lack of leadership….it may be bad news for the nation as he has hinted at a run for president in 2012.

Still Minnesota is in the mist of a meltdown made worse by his decisions. I couldn’t have said it better:
…lost jobs, excessively high unemployment, lost Federal funding, damage caused by lost state aid to communities, kowtowing to the Taxpayers League (that’s got to be worth at least something), damage to our educational system (kids should get paid double the penalty), failure to properly repair our roads and bridges, taking on the role of a king rather than a representative governor of the people…

Yep, it’s King Timmy Pawlenty. And I must say I disagree with Southside Pride’s Dave Porter who says:
He is a nice guy. Goes to church regular, married, still plays a little hockey….

Pawlenty isn’t a nice guy…perhaps likeable but a nice guy doesn’t harm hundreds of Minnesotan’s by his ‘save the rich’ tax breaks, a nice guys doesn’t cut those in need at the worse economic time, a nice guy doesn’t refuse to meet with legislatures for 76 days while these issues and their resolutions are being addressed, and a nice guy didn’t bring Minnesota to it’s current state of economic collapse. Fortunately Dave goes on to points out:

But he’d rather see 37,000 poor Minnesotans go without health care before he’d give up on a tax break for 500 rich ones. He even threatened to shut down our state’s legal system until his most recent appointee to the state Supreme Court—and a former law partner—made him back down.

It’s been a problem for Minnesotans to separate the Minnesota Nice’ from what Pawlenty really is…
We now have as our Governor a self-certain fundamentalist who answers only to his own private Higher Power, someone with his eyes on another goal entirely. Someone who really does not care if people have to fight each other over the scraps left in the ditch by the rich.

G*d only knows what Pawlenty's possible election to a national office like the President could mean for this country…let’s pray it never comes to that! His record is not very positive and just being seen as 'a nice guy' and 'a little goofy' isn't much to base a national campaign on.

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