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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Go To Caucus!

By now you've probably have made up your mind who you support and what issues you want addressed and changed. If the polls are to be believed most American's want to see an end to the last eight years that have underminded our civil liberities, taken away our economic well being, and allowed corporations more power than people. But that change will only happen if you GET INVOLVED. That process starts tonight at your local precinct caucus.

Who you support isn't as important as getting involved. What happened over the last several years has happened because most people haven't be involved. They feel powerless and we divorced from their government. That can all change tonight. No matter who or what you support, please attend tonight's caucuses. To find a precinct caucus location please use the following: Log onto: WWW.DFLCAUCUSES.ORG OR WWW.SOS.STATE.MN.US
OR CALL THE DFL AT: 651.293.1200

Change starts with you. One person, and then one more, and then another, and then more....let's be the change we want to see. GO TO CAUCUS.

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