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Monday, March 26, 2007

GORE for President!!

With former Vice President Gore's popularity as of late, one has to ask "Why not?" A search on the web comes up with many crusaders, whose purpose is to get All Gore to run for President in 2008, again one must ask "Why not?"

The reasons are numerous why Al Gore should give it one more try. Can you imagine what the last eight years might have been like with President Gore over Bu$h?

Let's explore:
1. www.algore.org
2. www.electgore2008.com
3. www.draftgore.com (you have to listen to the song "Run Al Run")

Are you with me?

Well then you'll need some "Gore for President" stuff:

You know the Republicans FEAR Gore - especially since they've already started attacking him!

The only question left is.....

Who will be his running mate?

( Stay tuned )

1 comment:

Ag said...

Don't forget Gore-Obama 08!


go Al go!!