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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pawlenty Of Stink!

Governor Tim Pawlenty once again shows the folks in Minnesota that he can’t walk the talk. By appointing Tim Wilkins as the assistant human services commissioner, the Governor is in essence saying He doesn't care about the people in Minnesota. While both claim to want keep government costs down, Gov. Tim appoints his friend to a position he’s not entitle to hold, and Tim W. accepts a position with a department (at government expense) that in the past he’s advocated against.

Their actions would be like putting Senator Rick Santorum in a ‘think tank’ for ethics and public policy…sure it happens, just like sh*t happens…but that doesn’t erase the stink or make it right.

Just days into the new legislation and Pawlenty’s ‘let’s play fair’ rhetoric doesn’t match up with his 'nothing fair about it' actions. (sigh) It’s going to be a long session with the ‘over the hill’ principal and new kids…Hat tip to Chris Truscott at mnpACT.

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