I grew up reading comic books wanting to be a superhero. Comics taught me that those who speak the truth are heroes, all the rest are liars.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just Turn Bu$h Off

I was on the computer doing some work when Bu$h came on the radio....a few sentences in (about 4 minutes) I got up and turned him off...sigh...I wish it was that easy for all Americans. What a joker if he believes that the lies all together will add up to one truth.

Madam Speaker Pelosi...nails it when she says:
"The same poor judgment that got us to where we are now is what he wants us to respect as he goes forward."

Respect is given until it's misused, then it must be earned. I'm not sure there is anything that Bush could do to re-earn Ameicas trust...that's just how bad he's f&#(up. Some things can't be fixed. Instead to take them out to the trash.

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