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Monday, January 08, 2007

Desperate WhiteHouse

Now in its fourth year, the war has claimed the lives of more than 3,000 members of the U.S. military as well countless hundred of thousands of Iraqis. But have no fear....Bush has a plan!

Without such fundamental change in Washington's approach, there is little hope that the troops surge, Iraqi promises and accompanying rhetoric will amount to anything other than "stay the course more".It's not worth the paper it was written down on...

As Congresswoman Jane Harman's blogs on HuffPo:
"The White House's Iraq strategy has failed, our brave military is stretched to the breaking point, and neither Congress nor the American people will support for much longer throwing good money after bad or sending good people after good people into a hopeless war zone. Rather than talk about additional troops, it's time to begin redeploying troops out of Iraq immediately and engaging other governments and allies in crafting a diplomatic and political solution to the nightmare. That this administration could still think an escalated military option is a credible path to stability and democracy in Iraq is alarming, and indicative of how far removed from reality this president and his inner circle are."
Bush's policy can lead to only one thing...it's so simple even a cartoon shows the way...The only cartoon ever nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is the 1939 Hugh Harman MGM cartoon called 'Peace on Earth' showing a post-apocalyptic world populated by animals picking up the pieces after a war kills every human on earth. View it here:

Cartoon 1939 Peace On Earth

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